Graphic Guides for designers, for each stand model, are available for instant download from our stand manufacturer’s website, under the Customer Support Area tab.
If your selected guide does not answer ALL of your questions, please contact us.

Print Files
To ensure print quality please follow these guidelines.

File Format PDF (press) or EPS file
If you need to send us some other le format, please ask rst if we can handle it,
or if it is indeed suitable for printing at our sizes and quality. CMYK only please - never RGB!

Pop-ups should be provided as one complete artwork and not as individual panels.

Image Resolution tiff, eps - initial photoshop document should be at a true 100 dpi at actual size (not created initially at less than 100 dpi and then upsized – never upsize!), 200dpi at 50% of actual size, 400dpi at 25% etc. A good quality guide is 50MB/m2 at 100dpi at actual print size.

Fonts must be included and not subsetted, or they can be outlined, but then NO CHANGES can be made. If any text is other than English, please ensure that all fonts are outlined.

Links all linked files to be included separately (not embedded)

Logos and other drawings: in Illustrator (vector) format

Bleed for popups – 1 cm on either side of the width
for banners – 1 cm around the outside

We look forward to receiving high quality print les from you which can be printed at our high quality
– making us all look good!

Sending Files
Please click the following link to send your files to us.

High quality stands deserve high quality graphics......