This is a hugely popular model — and it’s easy to see why. Your graphic is quite separate, letting you change your promotional message as often as you want. Simply change the rails with a screwdriver from the old to the new graphic and it's ready to go up — by untrained staff, anywhere at all. A tension banner with no mechanism to wear out, and with a strong steel base providing excellent stability in use.
Once the stand is working for you on location, all you have to do is send new promotional
graphics – weighing less than 1 kg – to refresh your campaign.

85cm width unless you want wider . . .

This stand can be seamlessly connected to give unbroken graphics of almost any width
— easily transportable and very cost effective.
banner jointbanner-joint
If you can't afford a pop-up, this could be your answer.

Top of the range. King of retractables.
Engineered to a very high standard for rock solid, reliable use year after year, This stand will outlast any number of campaigns. Unlimited graphic changes are designed into this model.
king of retractableking of retractable-size
At the heart is a powerful, spring-powered motor.
The base — weighted to perfection — is made from quality aluminium and sits firmly on the floor as you draw out the graphic and hook it onto the end of a collapsible pole.

Available with either one or two banners to double your exposure in the same floorspace, with a footprint only 23cm deep it occupies far less floorspace than many cheaper models, which need swing out feet to stand up.

This combined with legendary build quality and reliablity, make our top of the range stand more popular than many models costing less.

Bottom of the range. Cheap and cheerful.
low-price rollup
The perfect, no-nonsense choice when the most important thing is price.
This stand is made from the thinnest aluminium to keep cost as low as possible.
Available in the most popular widths of 80, 85, 100 and 120cm with swing-out feet providing stability.
If price is all that matters, this is the one for you.

Simple, light, flexible and so easy to use. But while it's convenient and modestly priced,
our mid-range stand makes no compromise on quality.

This is a retractable banner stand manufactured in thick aluminium at a real budget price, and its sturdy, proven design and reliable mechanism mean you can re-use it time and again, year after year.

The swing-out foot provides stability, whilst the thickness of the aluminium used throughout is greater
than many others to ensure a solid performance.